Once Upon a Time…Angie’s Story

Angie’s story begins with once upon a time. Once upon a time, there was a little girl who loved unicorns. Well, let’s be honest, she was kind of obsessed with them. She had t-shirts with sparkly unicorns on them. She collected unicorn stuffed animals. Her bedroom was unicorn-themed. And she had an entire notebook filled … Read moreOnce Upon a Time…Angie’s Story

Steps to Take Before Applying to Become a Foster Parent

There are countless benefits of fostering a child, and it can change a child’s life. There are a lot of requirements, but it is possible for many different types of people to become a foster parent. Requirements for Becoming a Foster Parent The requirements for becoming a foster parent vary state by state, though there … Read moreSteps to Take Before Applying to Become a Foster Parent

Aging Out of Foster Care

In the state of Texas, children are aging out of foster care at the age of 18. At this age, CPS is no longer responsible for you, and you do not legally have to answer to all the restrictions that were once placed on you, including the 24/7 oversight that you received in the foster … Read moreAging Out of Foster Care

Do You Get Paid to Be a Foster Parent?

Taking children that aren’t yours into your home sounds like a daunting prospect–and some of that burden is financial. How will you pay for everything that the foster children in your care need? The income you have often seems inadequate now, much less once you add more children to your home! For this reason, many potential … Read moreDo You Get Paid to Be a Foster Parent?

How Long Can You Keep a Foster Child?

One of the primary questions many people have when they’re ready to become a foster parent is, “How long can you keep a foster child?”. You like the idea of a long-term, loving relationship with a foster child who will become a member of your family, and the idea of having them torn away is … Read moreHow Long Can You Keep a Foster Child?

Fostering Healing Through Creative Expression

Creative Methods to Help Your Foster Child Taking a foster child or children into your home is no small decision. There are many things to consider. Know that you have done an incredible deed by taking the first step to lend a hand to a child who has likely been through more than most could … Read moreFostering Healing Through Creative Expression

What is the Age Limit for Foster Care?

Age Restrictions for Foster Care When you decide that you want to provide foster care for a child in need, you want to be sure that you meet all of the requirements–and that includes age. What is the age limit for foster care? While your age may not have a bearing on your ability to … Read moreWhat is the Age Limit for Foster Care?