Permanency Is Not A Place

While under the watchful eye of the State, children in foster care are subject to rules different from those in natural households. For kids who are in the legal care of the State,  Child Protective Services is an ever-present shadow. Children in care experiences can receive parent visitation at a CPS office or supervised by … Read morePermanency Is Not A Place

The Top 4 Adoption Blogs You Should Check Out Now!

It’s easy to become overwhelmed by any adoption process. There comes a time when you just want to dig your way out of the forms and come up for air. These are the times you really need to hear from someone who has gone through the process before. Adoption blogs are the perfect resource to … Read moreThe Top 4 Adoption Blogs You Should Check Out Now!

How to Know if Adoption or Foster Care is Right for You

Making the decision for either adoption or foster care is something that requires a lot of careful consideration. If you feel there’s value in providing a home for a child, the strong emotional pull is a great start. However, there’s more to consider for yourself, your family, and the potential child. Short Term vs Long Term … Read moreHow to Know if Adoption or Foster Care is Right for You

The Difference Between Adoption and Long-Term Fostering

Bringing another child into a home is an important decision, whether through long-term fostering or adoption. This choice will impact the lives of the caretaker in ways they cannot even imagine. In many cases, that’s a great thing. Providing a secure, safe home for a child in need is a beautiful, selfless act. It is … Read moreThe Difference Between Adoption and Long-Term Fostering

The Top Benefits Realized by Children in Stable Foster Homes

When a child receives news that they are being welcomed into a safe and loving home with open arms, they are immediately filed with hope that their future will get better. Children in the foster care system have been tossed around, forgotten, and neglected by families, adults, communities, and the system. All they want is to be wanted.

Why Right Now is the Time for You to Consider Becoming a Foster Parent

Thousands of children are bouncing around the American foster care system today, waiting to be adopted into a family they can call their own. With figures reporting that more than 428,000 children are available for adoption at any given time the United States, the number appears to be increasing since the turn of the century. … Read moreWhy Right Now is the Time for You to Consider Becoming a Foster Parent

Why Do Children End Up in the Foster Care System?

Throughout the United States, thousands of children, every single year, end up in the American foster care system. Although you may be aware of the dire need for parents, adults, and caretakers to step up and provide a safe and supportive environment for these displaced children, most people don’t like to think about the reasons why we need a foster care system in the first place.

5 Tips for Being a Stellar Foster Parent

You’ve made the decision to become a foster parent, and that is absolutely fantastic. Thousands of children in Texas right now are in need of a foster home, and with only 2,000 being licensed and available at this time, there isn’t enough space for these deserving and beautiful kids.

If you’ve made the choice to be one of those foster parents, you probably have a lot of questions, concerns, and fears going into the process. You’re opening your home to children that are not biologically yours, and that can be an unknown feeling for you. However, we’re here to help prepare you and support you during every step of fostering and/or adoption.

Becoming a Foster Parent: What You Can Expect

Foster parents are needed across the country and across the world today. Children are left in difficult situations, without families, supportive parents, and communities that ensure their safety and happiness moving forward. Thankfully, people exist in the world that are ready to open their homes to the foster children in need of love and encouragement during their upbringing.

How to Become a Foster Parent in 2018

Right now, there are many thousands of children placed into out of home care. Yet, there are vastly fewer potential homes registered, creating a massive gap that contributes to children being placed outside of their home communities in shelters. When this happens to them, they lose their friends, family, schools, teachers, and connection to their community – which is critical for children living in a fostering situation.