How to Know if Adoption or Foster Care is Right for You

Making the decision for either adoption or foster care is something that requires a lot of careful consideration. If you feel there’s value in providing a home for a child, the strong emotional pull is a great start. However, there’s more to consider for yourself, your family, and the potential child. Short Term vs Long Term … Read moreHow to Know if Adoption or Foster Care is Right for You

How Long You Can Keep a Foster Child Depends a Child’s Reason for Needing Foster Care

How Long Will You Foster a Child Depends on Each Child’s Individual Case How long you can keep a foster child is complicated because each foster child has different needs. Those children who potentially will enter your home each come with a case file that varies significantly. The goal of the foster care system is … Read moreHow Long You Can Keep a Foster Child Depends a Child’s Reason for Needing Foster Care

The Difference Between Adoption and Long-Term Fostering

Bringing another child into a home is an important decision, whether through long-term fostering or adoption. This choice will impact the lives of the caretaker in ways they cannot even imagine. In many cases, that’s a great thing. Providing a secure, safe home for a child in need is a beautiful, selfless act. It is … Read moreThe Difference Between Adoption and Long-Term Fostering

Aging Out of Foster Care

In the state of Texas, children are aging out of foster care at the age of 18. At this age, CPS is no longer responsible for you, and you do not legally have to answer to all the restrictions that were once placed on you, including the 24/7 oversight that you received in the foster … Read moreAging Out of Foster Care

How Long Can You Keep a Foster Child?

One of the primary questions many people have when they’re ready to become a foster parent is, “How long can you keep a foster child?”. You like the idea of a long-term, loving relationship with a foster child who will become a member of your family, and the idea of having them torn away is … Read moreHow Long Can You Keep a Foster Child?

July 2018 – Between Families Newsletter

Summer Time Fun

June means the end of the school year, and with it, a lot of kids without much to do. While many people imagine summer vacation being a bunch of lazy days, the fact is most parents have to work and worry about what they’ll do to keep the kids busy and out of trouble. The following Tips for Parents will help you plan fun summer activities for your kids.

June 2018 – Between Families Newsletter

Self-care: Do it for yourself, your family, and your kids

If resource parents had a motto, it might be “children first.” Or perhaps “children and their families first.” Either would be fitting. Foster and adoptive parents and kinship caregivers do what they do because they want to see children and their families heal and thrive.

April 2018 – Between Families Newsletter

Child Abuse Prevention Month

National Child Abuse Prevention Month began as a reaction to increased public awareness of child abuse throughout the 1970’s. As a result, Ronald Reagan declared April National Child Abuse Prevention month in 1983. The goal was to increase understanding of what contributes to the prevalence of child abuse and, more importantly, how to prevent it.

March 2018 – Between Families Newsletter

Spring Break is quickly approaching; with that comes the stress of keeping many children occupied and happy! Most of us are operating on a budget which requires a Spring Break “Staycation”. Here is a list of ideas that could help generate ideas for your family to have a successful Spring Break this year! Library – … Read moreMarch 2018 – Between Families Newsletter