Why You Should Become a Foster Parent

If you have been tossing around the idea of becoming a foster parent, it is time to dive in. Foster care is a crucial service for children and one where more help is always needed. The process of becoming a licensed foster parent can take a few months to complete, but once you are done, … Read moreWhy You Should Become a Foster Parent

Myths About Foster Kids: Debunked

The US as a whole is in desperate need of more foster families to help care for the more than 443,000 children residing in the foster care system on any given day. Many people consider becoming foster parents, but never do. Unfortunately, the reason behind so many people deciding against fostering isn’t because they don’t … Read moreMyths About Foster Kids: Debunked

Best Life Skills to Teach Teenage Foster Kids

If you have teenage foster kids, you want to prepare them as much as possible for adulthood. Life skills are not always taught in detail at school, and you can teach these skills at home so that the kids will be well-rounded and mature adults in the real world. You can draw from your own … Read moreBest Life Skills to Teach Teenage Foster Kids

Four Foster Kids Who Grew Up To Be Successful

Being in foster care is difficult for children. Even children with the most loving foster parents will face challenges. One of those challenges is the feeling that they are alone. Often, they don’t know many other foster kids at school. They may be embarrassed about being in foster care, and try to keep their situation … Read moreFour Foster Kids Who Grew Up To Be Successful

Foster Families: Partners in the Irreplaceable Family Experience

One way to think about the diverse services, objectives, and programs of the Texas Family Initiative (TFI) is in terms of the family experience. If TFI has a single “reason for being”, it is conviction that the family experience is irreplaceable in the healthy, happy development of every child. Texas Family Initiative That is why … Read moreFoster Families: Partners in the Irreplaceable Family Experience

Once Upon a Time…Angie’s Story

Angie’s story begins with once upon a time. Once upon a time, there was a little girl who loved unicorns. Well, let’s be honest, she was kind of obsessed with them. She had t-shirts with sparkly unicorns on them. She collected unicorn stuffed animals. Her bedroom was unicorn-themed. And she had an entire notebook filled … Read moreOnce Upon a Time…Angie’s Story

The Rewards of Single Foster Parenting

As a single person, you might wonder if foster parenting would work for you. The fact is that there are amazing benefits of fostering as a single parent. If you are thinking about becoming a foster parent, it’s vital that you consider your availability, commitment level, and your overall income as well as other factors. … Read moreThe Rewards of Single Foster Parenting

Are you Ready to Take on Foster Kids?

Foster kids are no different than other children born to loving families. They love to learn, play and look forward to a future filled with dreams. The major difference is that their maternal parents were unable to care for them at a particular time in their life. Any of us could have been placed in … Read moreAre you Ready to Take on Foster Kids?

Permanency Is Not A Place

While under the watchful eye of the State, children in foster care are subject to rules different from those in natural households. For kids who are in the legal care of the State,  Child Protective Services is an ever-present shadow. Children in care experiences can receive parent visitation at a CPS office or supervised by … Read morePermanency Is Not A Place

Texas Requirements to Foster

Are you considering fostering for a child in need of a new home? Have you wondered what the requirements are to make this type of impact on a young person’s life? Not only will you have to provide temporary care, love, and nurturance to children while serving as a mentor to their parent, but you … Read moreTexas Requirements to Foster